Tuesday 5 March 2024
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Questions you ask when choosing IGCSE courses

Questions you ask when choosing IGCSE courses

The courses you choose for your IGCSE level will significantly determine the career that you pursue later at the university. Thus you must be careful to select the right ones aligned to the career you want to pursue in the future. That should also tell you if you make a mistake, you will have to live with that, but at the point of choosing your IGCSE courses, you can make the right decision by booking the relevant online subjects.

Following are some questions you must ask when choosing your IGCSE options

Should I base my choice on what I am good at?

This is an essential factor when choosing an IGCSE course. You will enjoy subjects that you’re good at, and on the other hand, when you select the ones you dislike, you’ll find it hard to study them. When you’re good at a particular area, it becomes easy to manage your workload because you’ll be completing your assignments efficiently and get great results. Again, choosing a subject you love and are good at will most likely guide your career choice in the future.

Should I choose based on what I enjoy?

When you study a subject you enjoy, chances are that you will excel in that subject. And you can imagine you will be studying it several times a week for years. Thus your choice must be dictated by what you enjoy. Again, the subject you love is most likely the one that guides your career path. You’re likely to work harder and perform better.

Should I choose the subject because I like the teacher?

That’s a question you can approach two-way; a great teacher can inspire learners to do the subject in the best way and love it. The danger here is that however much you love the teacher, they may be transferred or leave the school altogether, and if that’s where you’d banked your hopes, then that is shattered. Don’t choose a subject because of the teacher as much as you can- that may inconvenience you and your future career.

Should I choose a subject because my friends have influenced me?

Never choose an IGCSE course because your friends are doing it also. That will be like committing “academic suicide.” As much as your friends help you in many things, they don’t determine how your future will be. Your career will be based purely on your abilities and what you like. Those chats you have with your friends should not fool you, you have them today, and tomorrow most of them won’t be your friends, so why should they affect your future?

Should my future salary determine the subjects I choose?

You may want to look at the averages of the jobs you’ve wanted. But the challenge is things change, and with time, jobs that looked lucrative end up becoming a different story. And those that you neglected become the most paying. Follow your passion and choose something you can do even when it’s paying less. That way, you can do much of it and still earn what you’ve wanted.

When choosing IGCSE courses, you must follow your passion and abilities. That’s what will carry you through your career. Do not focus so much on what other people think but what you think about it. Choose a distance learning college with a variety of courses on offer and where you’ll be guided accordingly.