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Importance of Christian Education in the Lives of Children

Importance of Christian Education in the Lives of Children

In terms of whether or not to send children to Christian schools, the opinions of parents differ. This might be because of the misconceptions surrounding Christian education. But, there are many great reasons to send your child to a Christian school like Spring Texas Christian Schools.

Keep reading to know what these reasons to make the right decision:

Common Misconceptions about Christian Education

Some people think that Christian schools are a place where a few ornaments such as Bible classes, chapels, and pray complement an otherwise secular education. However, genuine Christian education incorporates the word of God into each aspect of the curriculum and all co-curricular activities. Also, Christian education must encompass beyond the study of religion. But, a lot of evangelicals have very narrow definitions. They think that Christian education occurs in Sunday school, during Bible studies or at home during family devotions. Unfortunately, this is a very limited view. True Christian education relates to the word of God in each aspect of life.

Moreover, a lot of parents think that Christian schools protect their children from the evils of the world. But, these schools should be considered as a safe house from the world. The school does not guarantee against sin. However, the school disciplines by teaching its students about the demands of God as well as His grace, forgiveness, and mercy.

Importance of Christian Education

People today are living in a Post-Christian Age, as some have labeled it. However, we can do more than just hope and pray through Christian education. Christian schools don’t wish to destroy public schools. They exert efforts in involving Christian students, teachers, and administrators and giving them support. Their education philosophy declares Christ as Lord and integrates the word of God into each lesson, acknowledging God as the source of all truth. Christian education affirms that God is the creator and ruler of the universe and that all truth is His truth. Thus, man does not depend only on human reason.

Moreover, Christian education is an attitude related to the word of God, thus, studying God’s word from the perspective of the word is important. People can understand life only as they view it through the Spectacles of Scriptures. Lastly, Christian education is an ambition to the will of God. Transforming a child’s mind is a lifelong process but Christian education takes this step by step. Christian schools want their students to be adjusted to the world and commit their lives to pursue compassion, integrity, and justice.

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