Tuesday 5 March 2024
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Myths About JEE Exam

Myths About JEE Exam

We all know that students from 12th grade have a lot of things to take care like their preparation for board exams along with other competitive exams. JEE is one such competitive exam and the aspirants are many. The time period between so many exams can be overwhelming for students as well as for parents. Along with this comes all the myths and misconceptions related to JEE.

In this article, we address all such myths and misconceptions and try to understand what exactly needs to be done to crack the most prestigious entrance exams.

Myth 1: “Crack JEE in 60 days” book  is a saviour.

So, let’s burst this bubble that having books that says one can crack the exam with 60 days preparation is not true. The only way to get through this is by investing more time in the preparation and by referring to the previous years JEE questions.


Myth 2: It is difficult to predict the questions as they can ask anything from anywhere.

This is not true because there is a prescribed syllabus for JEE. in fact, most of the concepts are unchanged for all these years. The change is brought in the way the question is been presented in the exam.

Myth 3: Coaching for JEE is must

This is something that varies from student to student and is completely dependent on how dedicated the student is. There are students who need continuous monitoring and assistance and they can opt for coaching. It is possible to even for an average student to crack JEE as he or she just needs to make sure that the basic concepts are learnt properly.

Myth 4: Giving up social life is very important

Parents and students feel that giving up on social life will help in scoring well or can stay focused. This is one of the common myths. We all know that “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” and this makes it clear what major role is played by social life. Spending time outside books is important as it will help in relaxing the mind.

Hoping that all the major myths have been busted. Don’t forget to make a well-planned time-table for your studies, cover all the concepts, and maintain a steady balance between studies and play.

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