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MBA CET – A State-level exam for post-graduation in business

MBA CET – A State-level exam for post-graduation in business

Everything about your next MBA CET exam

The MAH MBA CET exam is a prestigious exam to appear for. To get into the best business colleges in the state, one needs to crack this exam. The MBA CET exam is certainly not an easy one and not everyone’s cup of tea.

But if any student is determined and focused to get this through, they will be the in the best college that brings the country’s best packages for post-graduates.

The MBA CET exams are held in March every year and this year the exams are supposed to be on March 18 and 19. That is right around the corner.

Anyone looking to give the exam this year, this is a quick guide to help you through.

Plan The Study Hours

Each candidate must plan every hour of study beforehand to make sure everything is planned on paper and there is no last-minute panic. Students should follow a planned study table that will help prevent over-hogging of information last minute.

The MBA CET exam is one of the most difficult exams to get through. Students prepare for this exam months prior to avoid pressure and anxiety.

Emphasize The Strengths

During the last week before appearing for the exam, it is recommended to lose on the topics one has not studied before. The time is crucial to focus on the strengths of every subject.

Students tend to make up for the lost time and overwork. Mental health is very crucial to keep calm before the exam.

Assess Performance

Self-assessment on strong subjects to not miss out on any marks will be an efficient step to work on. Practice and assessment should be the mantra for all the students appearing for the forthcoming exam.

The need to balance speed and precision.

The adrenaline rush to be faster than others will hamper personal growth. It is recommended to stick to a pace suitable to one’s own ability.

Students must work on finding a perfect balance that will help them think and perform better at the MBA CET exam.

Reach out to peers.

No one is alone in this journey of stress while heading towards the last week before the MBA CET exam. Group studies or normal study discussions would help ease tension and clarify doubts from a different perspective.

Students perform better when they studied with a peer that helped with each other’s strengths and weaknesses.

Preparation is the best practice one can put for a prestigious exam that can change the life trajectory of any student.

Mock Tests

Appearing for a few mock tests can prove a game-changer to all the candidates. It will help understand the flow of the exam and how one can manage time with the type of questions put forth in the exam.

Attempt Most Sections

To pass out with flying colours, one must focus on the entire paper while solving. Skipping any section completely would not be a great way to approach the exam. Concept-based as well as logical and analytical questions hold equal importance while admissions.

One can also practice section-wise to increase focus.

These tips will be helpful if put to use.

What is the pattern of the exam?

  • MBA CET exam will be conducted in online mode at the assigned centres
  • It is MCQ based examination
  • There are a total of 200 questions including all the sections
  • It is a 150 minutes examination
  • 1 mark for every correct answer
  • No negative marking for wrong answers

Preparation with a proper understanding of the exam pattern is necessary to plan time wisely for the exam.

What to carry to the exam?

Note the important documents for the MBA CET exam.

  • Every candidate must carry original identity proof. It can be a passport, driving license, aadhar card, Pan card, voter ID, or bank passbook with ID.
  • Two copies of the admit card for the MBA CET exam.

This exam will

Students across the state are geared up for the exam taking place over the weekend.

Experts suggest, in the last week of preparation all the candidates must focus on their strengths and perform their best!