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Can I Pursue MBA after my BA? The Complete Guide

Can I Pursue MBA after my BA? The Complete Guide

Can I Do MBA After BA?

Can I get an MBA after pursuing a BA? This is a typical query that a BA graduate with aspirations of a lucrative profession in business administration has on their mind. Every graduate wonders, “What should I do next? ” after receiving their degree. While some undergraduate students choose to enroll in courses related to their bachelor’s focus, others choose general programmes like MBA courses. You may study MBA whether you’re in the Humanities, Commerce, or Science stream. The given aggregate total percentage in undergrad is the sole criterion to enroll in a Master of Business Administration programme after pursuing a BA. If you’re seeking a solution to the questions “Can I do MBA after BA English” or “Can BA grads do an MBA,” then this blog will help you comprehend the procedure.

Benefits of MBA After BA

Your career will undoubtedly progress in the correct direction if you enroll in a stream that aligns with your own professional goals and works toward it with suitable internships. However, given that the subjects covered in the two degrees have so little in common with one another and that the shift from one to the other will be slow, students who have already taken courses in the arts stream and who are interested in pursuing a BA should carefully consider pursuing an MBA.

MBA is a two-year postgraduate degree programme that may be pursued after getting a BBA, BA, BCom, BSc, or BTech. Other MBA disciplines must be studied in addition to the core ones, such as social sciences, foreign languages, natural sciences, etc. Candidates that wish to develop their whole personalities and avoid being typecast in a certain employment path choose a bachelor’s degree in the arts. In this curriculum, skills like journalism and creative writing are cultivated and given room to grow. Through this programme, aspiring music, theatre and media artists may discover better education and prospects!

MBA Eligibility Requirements

After earning a bachelor’s degree in any field – whether commerce, arts, or science – you may pursue an MBA. To apply for several MBA admission examinations like the GRE, CAT, XAT, GMAT, SNAP, etc, you must have at least a 50% grade point average in your undergraduate degree. Before choosing applicants for the MBA programme, several business schools want job experience. The MBA admissions process in India also includes personal interviews and group discussions.

MBA after BA in India

There are various different MBA entrance exams that one may take in India in order to be considered for admission to some of the leading business colleges in the country. The following is an overview of the three tests that are the most well-known:

  • XAT: Every year, the Xavier Institute of Management administers the Xavier Aptitude Test, which opens doors to more than 150 MBA programmes in India. General Knowledge, Decision Making, Verbal and Logical Ability & Quantitative Ability and Data Interpretation are the four components that make up the XAT test format. This computer-based exam has a 3-hour time limit.
  • CAT: One of the most sought entry exams is the Common Admission Test, which is annually administered by one of the hosts. The test has a total weight of 300 points and is divided into three sections: data interpretation and logical reasoning, quantitative ability & verbal ability and reading comprehension. For individuals who desire to pursue an MBA after completing a BA, the test provides access to more than 100 B-schools, including those on the list of IIMs, with notifications typically provided in July.
  • MAT: The Management Aptitude Test, offered by the 600+ colleges spread throughout India, is an additional alternative for those who desire to study MBA after completing a BA or PGDM programme. It is a little bit simpler than the tests stated above. This examination, which is offered in both online and offline formats, is held four times a year in May, February, September, and December. Data Analysis and Sufficiency, Language Comprehension, Indian and Global Environment, Mathematical Skills and Intelligence and Critical Reasoning are the five categories into which the 200 test questions are divided.

People Also Ask

  • Can I do an MBA if I have done a BA?

You may pursue an MBA after receiving a bachelor’s degree in any subject (Commerce, Arts or Science). Start registering for MBA entry tests, including the GRE, CAT, XAT, GMAT and SNAP. A minimum of 50% must be earned in your undergraduate degree.

  • Is doing an MBA after a BA good?

After finishing a BA degree, you may pursue a lucrative profession in business management, the answer is yes. The ideal choice for any student who wants to succeed in life is an MBA, which is the most sought-after degree in the global professional community.

  • Which MBA course is better after BA?

An MBA in Marketing is better than BA.

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